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McAfee Enterprise MVISION Cloud

About the User Menu

The User menu in the top right corner of the MVISION Cloud navigation menu allows you to perform user actions such as manage Notification Settings, Change Profile, Sign Out of your account, as well as access Help, the McAfee Enterprise Community, and MVISION Cloud version information. 


Hover over the User Menu to display the following options:

  • User Name. Your MVISION Cloud user name. 
  • Tenant Name. The name of the tenant you are currently logged into. 
  • Notification Settings. Allows you as a user to control the Notification emails you want to receive. For details see User Notification Settings
  • Change Profile. Allows you to edit your McAfee Enterprise MVISION profile information. For details, see Change Profile
  • Sign Out. Select this menu option to sign out of MVISION Cloud
  • Help. Displays MVISION Cloud Help documentation. (This site.) 
  • Community. Click to go to the MVISION Cloud Support Community
  • About. Displays version information for MVISION Cloud. 

If you have access to more than one MVISION Cloud tenant, then you can use the Change Tenant option to switch to another tenant from the IAM login page. For details, see Change Tenants in McAfee Enterprise IAM Dashboard

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