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McAfee MVISION Cloud

Change Profile

Select User Menu > Change Profile to edit your McAfee MVISION profile information. 

NOTE: If your MVISION Cloud tenant has not been migrated to the McAfee IAM login, you will not have this option yet. It will be coming soon. 


The Change Profile page provides access to the following information and actions:

  • Contact Information
    • Email Address (Logon Name). This is the email address used for your MVISION account. It cannot be changed. 
    • Phone Number. 
      • Country Code. Select your country from the list. 
      • Phone Number. Enter your phone number. 
  • Personal Information
    • First Name. The first name associated with your MVISION account. 
    • Last Name. The last name associated with your MVISION account. 
    • Tenant Name. Your MVISION tenant name as defined in McAfee provisioning systems. 
    • Tenant ID. Your MVISION tenant ID as defined in McAfee provisioning systems. 
  • Security
    • Change Password. Click to change your MVISION password. For details, see Change Password
    • Two-Factor Authentication. Toggle on to enable two-factor authentication.

Click Save Changes to update your information. 

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