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Skyhigh Security Service Status

The Skyhigh Security Status page at displays Service Status for Secure Web Gateway, Skyhigh CASB, and Skyhigh Private Access.


As part of our commitment to reliability, we provide real-time and historical status and downtime data. The Status page captures availability, cloud maintenance, cloud service degradation, cloud service disruption, and cloud information details.

Users may subscribe to the trust alerts or notifications:


Skyhigh CASB Navigation Bar Banner

For major upgrades and maintenance activities, 7 days before the update, a banner is added to the Skyhigh CASB user interface. You can see this after you log in to Skyhigh CASB. Here is an example of the banner:


Support Notification Service (SNS)

The Skyhigh Security Support Notification Service (SNS) is a communication service. It provides timely information by email to corporate customers, partners, and employees who subscribe to the service. SNS communications help you maximize the functionality and protection capabilities of your Skyhigh Security products.

SNS communications are:

  • Free, private, and secure
  • Focused on the products you select
  • Easy to turn on and off

To receive SNS communications, you must subscribe and select your products from the SNS Subscription Preference page at:


What kind of information will I receive, and how frequently?
The communication method for all subscribers is email. SNS delivers the following types of messages:

Product information 

  • Notices. Standard product news, such as releases, signature updates, or end-of-life announcements
  • Alerts. Critical and urgent information that requires immediate customer action. Alerts include cloud incidents, planned cloud upgrades/maintenance, vulnerabilities, false positives, virus outbreaks, or critical remediation updates. Alerts are determined by severity and urgency and sent only if immediate customer action is needed and support is aware.

Alerts are infrequent. Notices are the most common form of message. 

  • Select Skyhigh CASB under SNS Product option to get SNS notification for Skyhigh CASB. Or select all options to get all notifications from Skyhigh Security.



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